Flat Tire Change Service

New England roads can be rough...

In Worcester, Massachusetts and throughout Central Massachusetts finding yourself with a flat tire or blowout is very common with the poor road conditions.  Weather you hit one of the many potholes, picked up a sharp object in your tire or hit a curb with your wheel one of our fast response Emergency Roadside Assistance Technicians can get you going in no time.  Call us at (800) 499-8699 24/7 to speak with a member of our team. 

American Towing and Recovery's service trucks are equipped with the newest tools to change your wheel and tire with a spare tire.  We have jacks that can handle all cars, vans or trucks. Lug extraction tools that can remove the tightest of bolts or stripped lug nuts. Air tanks to fill up any tire or spare tire that may need the correct PSI (Pounds per Square Inch). 

**Tires, wheels and rims should only be changed with the correct experience and equipment to prevent damage and costly repairs down the road.  If you are not sure how to change a tire call us so you don't hurt yourself or damage your vehicle.